TruthSeekers: A home-centered, learning family

TruthSeekers Academy is built on the idea that the ideal education—the best path to learning truth—starts in the home. There are many ways families can adapt to bring back home-centered, principle-based learning, and we hope to be a part of making that happen in your family.

Meet Russ & Heidi Barlow

With more than thirty years of teaching in a home setting, Heidi Barlow, mother of 15, faced a variety of learning challenges, including two severely autistic children and a profoundly deaf daughter, in addition to other learning disabilities. Her in-depth studies into understanding and helping brain-injured (autism is a brain injury) children and immersion into auditory/oral training, as well as the time she spent as President of the Nevada Chapter of the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf provided her with a unique skill set that helped her develop the TruthSeekers workbook series.

Russ Barlow, entrepreneur, author, and editor, spent 15 years working with Dean Sessions developing the Universal Model, a New Millennial Science, as editor and business development partner. This exceptional opportunity, along with the experience that came with raising a large family, provided a multitude of experiences that came together in the TruthSeekers workbooks and the TruthSeekers Adventures immersive learning experience that gets learners into the outdoors to experience nature first-hand.

The TruthSeekers Gang (Christian, Grace, & Joe)

The original TruthSeekers crew out in nature collecting rocks for an experiment. You’ll meet these three friends (our youngest) as they build the projects in the workbooks, explore learning, and go on unforgettable adventures in the TruthSeekers Adventure Series novels. They have added many friends to the list of TruthSeekers. You can join the growing list too! Come join the fun!