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The collaborative efforts of the Joseph Smith Foundation and TruthSeekers Foundation has organically united them in sharing the message and truthfulness of the scriptures, getting back to the roots of the restoration, and defending the Prophet Joseph Smith through TruthSeekers’ Covenant Path Tours. We invite you to subscribe to the TruthSeekers organization to stay informed and to learn more about our tours and other activities, including opportunities to be a part of upcoming free events!

The Joseph Smith Foundation is an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting initiatives based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our motto is “Vision in Light of the Restoration.” Joseph Smith taught truth that confirmed the Bible’s teachings. He taught that a restoration of the doctrine and Church established and led by Jesus Christ was necessary in the latter days as it was in the former ages of the earth. The Joseph Smith Foundation team and staff are active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints although the foundation is not sponsored by the Church. The Joseph Smith Foundation also welcomes volunteer contributions from members of many religious and cultural backgrounds.

We invite you to explore and subscribe to both organizations and to learn more about Covenant Path tours Guided by Hannah Stoddard and Russ Barlow.

Let’s seek truth and adventure through true principles in all its forms!

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At TruthSeekers Foundation, we believe that the family is the essential unit of society and the best place to learn knowledge and principles of truth. The two primary areas of focus designed to help empower parents to teach faith-based principles of truth to their children are our TruthSeekers Academy and TruthSeekers Adventures.

TruthSeekers Academy is a repository of workbooks and curricula to help learners of all ages develop a rock-solid, scriptural foundation in the sciences, history, and other subjects from a biblical perspective. TruthSeekers Adventures is our hands-on tours and excursions that provide unique opportunities to experience Creation and His story firsthand. You will learn the true science behind events such as Noah’s Flood, the science you will find nowhere else! TruthSeekers Adventures brings together science and history in a unique way to show God’s Covenant; an experience you won’t want to miss! This group of tours includes manifesting and testifying of the Savior and His covenant with mankind. It includes Church, American, and World history. Hannah Stoddard, director of the Joseph Smith Foundation is an integral part of these tours.

We invite you to explore and subscribe to both organizations and to learn more about Covenant Path tours Guided by Hannah Stoddard and Russ Barlow, and other aspects of the TruthSeekers organization.


Russ Barlow

Director | TruthSeekers Foundation

Russell H. Barlow, a TruthSeeker from Las Vegas, Nevada, is Director and Founder of TruthSeekers Foundation and its affiliates.

Russ continues to function as developmental and chief editor of the Universal Model project where he has worked since 2005. He also serves as lead editor for the Joseph Smith Foundation, but his greatest passion has been sharing the truth about the Earth’s Creation, the Flood, and the divine role of America in our time. He regularly organizes and leads UMGeoTours and Covenant Path tours, both of which he founded in 2019. With the organization of TruthSeekers Foundation in 2020, he hopes to reaffirm the message of scientific and traditional historical truth as contained in scripture to the rising generations. Russ & his wife Heidi have 15 children and a growing number of grandchildren.

Heidi Barlow

Director | TruthSeekers Foundation

Heidi S. Barlow, a TruthSeeker from Las Vegas, Nevada, is Director and Cofounder of TruthSeekers Foundation.

As an active homeschooler, Heidi creates project based curriculum based on biblical principles and true science, based on the Universal Model science project. Her experience with special needs kids, including her own deaf and austistic children, have given her unique insights into what helps kids excel. Heidi is also the director or TruthSeekers Academy, a curriculum series. She hopes to strengthen the confidence of homeschool parents in teaching truth despite its conflict with modern progressive thought. Heidi also actively teaches parents and their children through selective online classes.

Hannah Stoddard

Executive Director | Joseph Smith Foundation

L. Hannah Stoddard is the executive director of the Joseph Smith Foundation, and producer or director of seven documentary feature films. In addition to directing Joseph Smith Foundation projects for over a decade, she has worked as a history and literature teacher, graphic design artist, software developer, videographer, project manager, agriculturist and research assistant. Her work focuses primarily on Latter-day Saint Church history and doctrine, educational philosophy, and defending the Prophet Joseph Smith. Hannah serves as an expert guide on TruthSeekers Covenant Path Tours, where she brings a wealth of knowledge about early Christian heritage, both American and worldwide. Hannah hopes to inspire people of all ages to learn and love their Christian heritage.

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TruthSeekers Foundation and its partners share a love of all that God has created. All of the people on Earth are the sons and daughters of God, and all have a story to tell.

TruthSeekers Foundation is open to all Seekers of Truth, regardless of religious background.

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