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Discover the Power of Living Water...

Can We Believe Christ? is more than just a book; it is a testament of living water. With every page, we dive deep into the importance that water has in our world today.

As we immerse ourselves in the pages of Can We Believe Christ?, we are reminded of the unyielding power of living water. The book delves into the significance of water in our daily lives, from its role in sustaining our physical well-being to its capacity to inspire and purify our souls. Through engaging and insightful prose, the author imparts a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about the enduring importance of this precious resource. Indeed, the book is not merely a collection of words on a page, but a testament to the vitality of living water and its transformative potential. For anyone seeking a deeper understanding of this invaluable element and its role in shaping our world, Can We Believe Christ? is an essential read.

The family is the core unit of society and the best place to learn principles of truth. Through TruthSeekers Academy, we empower parents to teach faith-based principles of truth to their homeschooling children.

Based on the Universal Model, our homeschooling curriculum will help youth develop rock-solid foundations in sciences, history, and other essential subjects that complement your traditional values and religious convictions.

TruthSeekers Academy is the repository of workbooks and curriculum authored primarily by Heidi Barlow and built partly on the Universal Model. The intent is to develop a robust curriculum for families and those who want to learn and teach Biblically-sound subjects, including Science, History, English, Math, and other courses designed to help strengthen the traditional family unit, and instill sound faith in the Bible and sacred history.

Discovery Forum will provide opportunities to bring together resources from a variety of Christian groups, including education conferences for homeschool students and parents in Utah and the Midwest (Nauvoo area). These will help parents re-learn some traditional ways of teaching their families.

DF will also seek to have a presence in key locations to provide “Discovery Den” learning experiences for young learners to help them recognize the hand of the Creator in Nature.

DF will seek short, robust video education clips to provide learning opportunities across an extremely wide range of subjects, each coinciding with TruthSeekers Academy curriculum and each designed to testify of Christ and His work in some way.

TruthSeekers Adventures provides hands-on tours, and excursions to experience Creation and His-story first hand. More than just a vacation, TruthSeekers Adventures provide unique, spirit-filled opportunities to learn things very few get to experience!

You will learn the true science behind the Earth’s major events, such as Noah’s Flood—science you will find nowhere else! TruthSeekers Adventures brings together science and history in a very unique way to show God’s Covenant; an experience you won’t want to miss!

If a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth one million, what’s the value of several days of first-hand experience on a UM GeoTour?

No textbook can imitate the adventure of personal exploration and first-hand discovery. The immense catastrophic power of the Flood and the full gravity of the hundreds of Universal Model discoveries can only be fathomed as we step away from our screens and touch nature with our own fingers.

These tours consist primarily of excursions into Nature for the purpose of testifying of the Creator by examining and understanding Creation, the Universal Flood, and their significance in our lives. Dean Sessions is an integral part of these tours as author of the Universal Model.

We offer educational tours to some of the most majestic and spectacular geological sites in the country and around the world. Join us for our upcoming tours and begin to experience the Universal Model with your own eyes.

This group includes tours manifesting and testifying of the Savior and His covenant with mankind. It includes Church, American, and World history. Hannah Stoddard is an integral part of these tours as well as other guest guides, including Robert Wright.

This group includes tours manifesting and testifying of the Savior and His covenant with mankind. It includes Church, American, and World history. Hannah Stoddard is an integral part of these tours as well as other guest guides, including Robert Wright.

Meet our team

Heidi Barlow

Director | TruthSeekers Foundation

Heidi S. Barlow, a TruthSeeker from Las Vegas, Nevada, is Director and Cofounder of TruthSeekers Foundation.

As an active homeschooler, Heidi creates project based curriculum based on biblical principles and true science, based on the Universal Model science project. Her experience with special needs kids, including her own deaf and austistic children, have given her unique insights into what helps kids excel. Heidi is also the director or TruthSeekers Academy, a curriculum series. She hopes to strengthen the confidence of homeschool parents in teaching truth despite its conflict with modern progressive thought. Heidi also actively teaches parents and their children through selective online classes.

Russ Barlow

Owner & Director | TruthSeekers Foundation

Russell H. Barlow, a TruthSeeker from Las Vegas, Nevada, is Director and Founder of TruthSeekers Foundation and its affiliates.

Russ continues to function as developmental and chief editor of the Universal Model project where he has worked since 2005. He also serves as lead editor for the Joseph Smith Foundation, but his greatest passion has been sharing the truth about the Earth’s Creation, the Flood, and the divine role of America in our time. He regularly organizes and leads UMGeoTours and Covenant Path tours, both of which he founded in 2019. With the organization of TruthSeekers Foundation in 2020, he hopes to reaffirm the message of scientific and traditional historical truth as contained in scripture to the rising generations. Russ & his wife Heidi have 15 children and a growing number of grandchildren.



Brill Hernández

Director of Marketing | TruthSeekers Foundation

As the Marketing Director of Truthseekers Foundation, Brill Hernandez brings a dynamic and visionary approach to our mission of seeking truth and making a positive impact. With a rich background in creative arts, emergency medical services, and a profound understanding of digital marketing, Brill is the driving force behind our marketing endeavors.


Dean Sessions

Founder & Author | Universal Model

Dean W. Sessions is the author of the Universal Model, a 3-volume study of Nature and other areas, including the science behind the Universal Flood as described in the Bible. Beginning in the early 1990s, Dean conducted countless experiments and directed dozens of research projects over the next three decades, eventually publishing the first volume of . . .

Jacob Householder

Jacob Householder has a Bachelors of Science in Financial Economics from Brigham Young University—Idaho and is the president and co-founder of the American Center for Civic Training. He is also Chairman of the Board at the Healing of America Foundation and owner of ArcFires, a WordPress website development business based in Rexburg . . .

Xander Barlow

Videographer and Event Organizer | TruthSeekers Foundation

Alexander D. Barlow assists in the videography and post production of the Foundation’s media. A talented contributor, Xander helps create 3D models, brings a level of professionalism to the TruthSeekers projects. Xander is also training to lead adventurous . . .

Ashlee Barlow

Videographer and Event Organizer | TruthSeekers Foundation​

With an artistic eye and a love of travel, Ashlee L. Barlow captures our best moments and pulls together video and photography for all that is good. She is instrumental in organizing and coordinating TruthSeekers tours. She is planning to co-lead . . .

Dennis Cox

Homeschool Field Trip Liaison | TruthSeekers Foundation

Dennis W. Cox is an avid learner and supporter of the Universal Model. He loves to share his passion with younger learners, and organizes and leads groups of all ages to experience the world through hands-on discovery and experimentation. Dennis hopes . . .

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