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Nauvoo Eclipse Tour

April 1st-10th, 2024

Join us on the covenant path

for an unforgettable tour that brings together the Creation, Adam’s world, Noah’s Flood, Nephites, And Joseph Smith as the Prophet of the Restoration. 


How can I help my family gain a deeper understanding of the Creation & the Restoration?

We begin where everything began 6,000 years ago! We know it as Kansas City today, but this place looked very different, once upon a time. Join us as we travel through time, learning about the Creation, Adam & Eve, Noah’s Flood, and the Restoration of the Gospel. Come see how they are all connected!

TruthSeekers Adventures is an organization that helps families explore the wonders of modern geology and deepen their faith. Led by Russ Barlow, author and Director of TruthSeekers Foundation, these tours integrate science with scripture to provide an inspiring experience that affirms both scientific knowledge and spiritual beliefs. With TruthSeekers Adventures, families can come away with a deeper understanding of the world around them while strengthening their bond through shared experiences.
Embark on an unforgettable journey with TruthSeekers Adventures, hailed as one of the top providers of LDS travel experiences. Picture yourself standing mesmerized at the center of the Creation and the Restoration, a natural wonder that is sure to leave you breathless. This tour is packed with the spiritual experiences that are supported by science, and the adventure through these magnificent sites will give you a deeper insight into God’s Creation and the Universal Flood. It’s no wonder that TruthSeekers Adventures Covenant Path tour is one of our most sought-after packages. Let us guide you through this stunning location and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Meet Your expert guides

Russ Barlow

Russ Barlow, Director of TruthSeekers Adventures, author and editor of many books, including the Universal Model, and other Church history books is the lead guide for all TruthSeekers adventure tours.

Dean Sessions

Dean W. Sessions is the author of the Universal Model (UM) and the founder of the Millennial Science Foundation. Dean and his wife, Danette, are the parents of five children and ten grandchildren.

Rod Meldrum

Rod L. Meldrum is a researcher, author and national lecturer on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, its historical efficacy and scriptural and physical evidences. 

If you are a homeschooling family that is CREATION focused, the Nauvoo Ecplise tour is perfect for you. The tour offers a variety of activities that will help you learn more about the natural wonders of the Creation. You’ll have the opportunity to explore this iconic landmark’s, history, and geology and see it up close in all its glory.


Learn about the

Strataca Salt Mine

Discover the depths of the Earth like never before at Strataca, a captivating salt mine museum located in Hutchinson, Kansas. Once known as the Kansas Underground Salt Museum, Strataca was built within a massive deposit of rock salt. Descend 650 feet beneath the Earth’s surface to explore this majestic wonder, and experience the history of salt mining in a wholly immersive and unforgettable way.

“I have been on more than a hundred tours and I want you to know, Russ, the Grand Canyon tour was the very best tour I have been on in my entire life!”

Erhard Beuttenmuller

See the

Steamboat Arabia

Step back in time and explore the fascinating history of the Steamboat Arabia Museum, where treasures from America’s steamboat era await. Delve into a world of exploration and discovery as you discover the largest collection of steamboat cargo artifacts in the United States. This popular attraction has been captivating visitors since 1991, drawing over a million curious minds to its halls. Come be transported to a bygone era and discover the incredible stories and artifacts of the steamboat trade.


“Going on the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest tour trip was truly a highlight in my life. I was able to experience the evidences’ of the Universal Flood first hand with UM editor Russ Barlow and author Dean Sessions of the Universal Model – A New Millennial Science. TruthSeekers Adventures tours are fantastic.”

Dennis Cox


Visit the

Nauvoo Temple

Imagine a small town on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, nestled within its landscapes lies the “Cornerstone of Zion”(Doctrine and Covenants 124:2). This was the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1839 to 1846, and the site where the faithful disciples of Christ built a community that still inspires visitors today. Led by Joseph Smith the Prophet, they constructed a beautiful temple overlooking the river, a symbol of their unwavering faith. Today, the preserved buildings and landscapes transport you to a time when the power of faith and unity had the power to move mountains.

“TruthSeekers tours really helped me to appreciate the reality of the Creation and the evidences of a Universal Flood. Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon on one tour, and then searching for several-thousand-year-old shark teeth in the Carolinas on another helped me comprehend the magnificent beauty of the earth, and the wisdom of the Creator! Russ Barlow & Dean Sessions did a fantastic job bringing these things to life on our tour!”

Benjamin Mulder

Go to

Flood Museum

Their mission is to strengthen believers and those who want to believe. Faith and hope are under attack, and the effect on believers is growing. Belief in God as the Creator is being challenged, and the Biblical account is being ridiculed. Our mission is to strengthen faith by demonstrating that the Bible is an accurate record of God’s creation and that the events recorded in it can be observed in the world. The anti-God theories of evolution and scientism are having a terrifying effect on youth and all believers. Standing with Christ and His word is the only way to regain the hope that has been lost. Join us in this important work.


Visit the

Ark Encounter

Journey back in time and join one of the most iconic Bible heroes, Noah, and his family aboard their incredible life-size Ark. Meet the pairs of animals that were saved from the great flood and discover the incredible tale of faith and perseverance. But this isn’t just a static museum exhibit – it’s a full-blown theme park experience! The Ark Encounter offers exciting attractions for the whole family, including a thrilling zoo, daring zip lines, and a rustic timber-frame restaurant where you can refuel after a day of biblical exploration. Get ready to be immersed in a fascinating world where history and adventure collide!

. . . and more!


Typical of our TruthSeekers Adventures tours, we have an incredible experience to share with you. Sometimes we have to adjust for various reasons, but this is the general plan for our UM GeoTour Grand Canyon (2022) tour.

Day 1: APril 1st

Arrive in Kansas City

Monday April 1; Arrive at Kansas City International Airport Hotel by Airport.

Day 2: April 2nd

Strataca, Salt mine!

After arriving in Kansas City, we begin our tour by heading to the Strataca Salt Mine where we head deep underground to learn about salt and the magnificent testimony it has for us.

Day 3: april 3rd

Arabia – Liberty – Temple Lot

The next two days has our group roaming the Kansas City area at the place where the Garden of Eden was once located—the site where Joseph Smith laid out a city with 24 temples. We will talk about the significance of the United Nations Memorial built right next to where the New Jerusalem Temple will be built,

Before leaving the city for our next destination, we’ll walk through a time capsule from 1856, the same year the Martin and Willy Handcart company was stranded in the snow in Wyoming.

The riverboat Arabia was lost in 1856 to the muddy bottoms of the Mississippi for more than 150 years, but its discovery and restoration give us a first-hand look into the level of sophistication the Pioneers enjoyed.

Day 4: april 4th

Fishing River – Far West – Adam-ondi-Ahman

Then we’ll visit the river where God showed His magnificent saving arm in Zions Camp in 1834—Fishing River. 

On our journey towards Nauvoo, we visit Far West, a place the Lord designated as the “Most Holy Site,” and then on to Adam-ondi-Ahman, the home of Adam and his family after being cast out of Eden.

Day 5: april 5th


Friday and Saturday (on the 2024 Tour) will be spent around Nauvoo, learning about the rich symbolism encoded into the Nauvoo temple, visiting the “Tomb of Joseph” constructed near the temple site, and only recently excavated, visiting ancient Nephite sites, and discussing the crossing of the Mississippi River in the cold winter of 1846.

Day 6: April 6th Saturday

Nauvoo General Conference

Then we’ll visit the river where God showed His magnificent saving arm saving Zions Camp in 1834—Fishing River. 

Before leaving the city for our next destination, we’ll walk through a time capsule from 1856, the same year the Martin and Willy Handcart company was stranded in the snow in Wyoming.

A visit to the Flood Museum will set the spiritual tone of our upcoming visit to the massive reproduction of Noah’s Ark. As we depart, our group will enjoy a visit to Carthage before heading to St. Louis, MO.

Day 7: april 7th Sunday

General Conference

Sunday will be a rest day that will allow time to watch the General Conference sessions in the comfort of your room. That night we will prepare for the events the next day with a presentation in the hotel.


Day 8: april 8th

Monks Mound – Eclipse in Cape Girardeau – New Madrid

Monday will have us up early and headed to the viewing site of the second total solar eclipse of this century, in the United States. A total solar eclipse is one of the most spectacular natural events you will ever experience. Words cannot convey the grandeur of this occasion, and you surely remember this for the rest of your life.

We will also visit the site of the 5 largest earthquakes to ever strike America (in recorded history) and learn about the connection between these quakes, the Book of Mormon, and the earthquake that happened in Jerusalem at the time of Christ’s crucifixion.

Day 9: april 9th

Creation Museum – Big Bone Lick (Tent) Hotel in Cincinnati area?

On the last two days, we will visit the world-renowned Creation Museum and a park where the preserved bones of mammoths and other ice-aged animals are exposed, and we’ll discuss how the ice-age actually fits within the events of Noah’s Flood.

Day 10: april 10th

Ark Encounter – Fly Home in the evening

Our final excursion will be to the world’s largest timber structure—a faithful reproduction (to the best of man’s ability) of the Ark that delivered Noah and his family across the waters of the Great Flood.

You will leave with a new way of seeing the Gospel, American History, World History, Science, and the Restoration. This is a tour you won’t want to miss, and its one we can’t repeat because 

the solar eclipse on this tour is only a one-time event! Seats are limited, so grab your spot early!

April 1st-10th, 2024

Join us on the covenant path ​

for an unforgettable tour that brings together the Creation, Adam’s world, Noah’s Flood, Nephites, And Joseph Smith as the Prophet of the Restoration. 

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