Our Philosophy

As veteran homeschoolers and parents of 15 children, Russ & Heidi Barlow founded TruthSeekers Academy to develop and share curriculum they found successful in their own home. The unique mix of regular and special needs children provided ample opportunity to create and test a variety of approaches. The result is a robust, hands-on, project-based workbook based on biblical principles. The workbook draws upon scriptural history and the Universal Model, a new millennial science that Russ helped develop with Dean Sessions. Our family centered TruthSeekers homeschool stands on four foundational pillars:

1 The Patriarchal Family

Although there are many family situations in the world, the ideal family still consists of father, mother, and children. Fathers must take an active role in the teaching of the children (See Moses 6:5-6 & D&C 93:40). While work schedules may prevent the actual teaching, children should report to their fathers on a regular basis and the family should work together on establishing curriculum, study practices, and time.

2 Family Integration

For over 100 years, children have been segregated by age in public schools which has had the effect of dis-integrating our families. Children of all ages will learn when integrated as a family, each taking turns to act as teacher and learner. Older children experience remarkable learning when engaged in teaching younger siblings. Younger ones learn confidence when allowed to teach something they know. Depth and detail can be adjusted to the ability levels of each child, with older children expected to produce better quality work.

3 Subject Integration

By segregating subjects, public schools have become a system of memorization and teaching-to-the-test rather than encouraging actual learning. By teaching a whole-subject method, English, writing, spelling, art, science, and history can all be brought together in a single subject focus. TruthSeekers workbooks allow the learner to focus on a single subject yet learn a wide variety of skills. A study program should include math each year and daily scripture study. Work on remedial reading or writing as needed by exploring the subject under study.

4 Scriptures form the core of a successful homeschool

The vocabulary and writing styles contained in the bible alone are astonishing with over 180,000 unique words and 500,000 definitions. Families should employ the full scriptural canon, including the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine & Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price as their foundational texts.

We recognize the divine and sacred role of the family and encourage the adaptation of any or all of these within your own homeschools. We hope to instill a love of the scriptures in the rising generation and offer them the confidence that they can rely on their truthfulness, authority, and authenticity. We also recognize that you have a choice in how you choose to teach and nurture your children, and we thank you and our Creator for allowing us to be a part of that journey.

Russ & Heidi Barlow
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