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What is the purpose of TruthSeekers Adventures Tours


Russ Barlow has been at the forefront of the Creation science movement for more than 15 years. He is an author, speaker, and educator who has spent his life exploring evidence that reveals God’s hand in our world—in all its beauty and complexity. Russ has studied everything from volcanoes to dinosaurs, but his greatest passion is sharing the truth about Earth’s origin and history as revealed in scripture, especially Joseph Smith’s Inspired translation of Genesis. 


Russ, Heidi, and their 15 children have been homeschooling for over 2 decades. They are the founders of TruthSeekers Academy, a project-based supplemental curriculum, based on scripture and designed for use homeschool groups, educational coops, and private schools across the nation. In addition, Russ founded Covenant Path Tours to bring together science, church history, and scripture in a extraordinary way. Hosted by TruthSeekers adventures, these excursions have been, according to past clients, the very best tours ever attended. He is also the chief editor of the Universal Model and has edited several books published by the Joseph Smith Foundation, & served as a speaker for the FIRM Foundations Book of Mormon Expos, to learn more about the upcoming Book of Mormon expo where Russ Barlow will be a guest speaker please visit their website here:

Heidi is an author, editor, and speaker who has co-authored more than a dozen textbooks and resources for homeschoolers. She also serves as the director of TruthSeekers Foundation with her husband Russ.


“TruthSeekers Adventures Tours take you on a journey through America’s National Parks as they reveal the majesty and glory of God. We’re not just seeing these places–we’re going to experience them! Each tour will have a different focus, so your adventure will be completely unique.”


-Russ Barlow- Founder of TruthSeekers Adventures Tours


1. What are TruthSeekers Adventures Tours?

When Jesus Christ walked the Earth, He told His disciples “I am the way, the Truth, and the life.” In May of 1833, He told Joseph Smith that “Truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come.” All those who seek to know, to understand the world around them, and who are searching for the ultimate Truth, are TruthSeekers. More than merely a name, “TruthSeekers” is a way of life – it is a mindset, and it defines our purpose: Seek Truth by exploring (Adventures travel experience), through study (Academy educational experiences), and by discovering Nature while incorporating scripture.

Our tours are unique because we take you to places where the story actually happened, not just to see the sites, but to help you appreciate what it was like to be there—to connect in ways few will experience. That’s why we like to think of them as “experience tours.” Through immersive learning methods and stories, we help people better understand some of the greatest events in Earth’s history, and along the way, to recognize the hand of the Creator as we share our insights about His story.

  1. Who offers TruthSeekers Adventures Tours?

TruthSeekers Adventure Tours are hosted and organized by Russ Barlow and Heidi Barlow. They are joined by several other individuals who love to share their knowledge and expertise, including a variety of guest speakers and notable visitors who have attended previous tours. Tour guides are accomplished in their respective fields and have special insights into the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Church and American History, and science. 

3. Where do TruthSeekers Adventures Tours go?

Whether we visit America’s National Parks or the wild backcountry, each tour is designed to provoke thought and provide evidence of God’s handiwork. From the Creation to Noah’s Flood to the places where mankind and God’s Covenant Path converge, our guides take their TruthSeekers off the beaten path to show the details and share the stories of events where they actually happened. 

4. How long are TruthSeekers Adventures Tours?

There are a variety of TruthSeekers Adventures tours to fit your schedule. We don’t do a lot of tours so that we can make each one special and unique. We have shorter 3-4 day tours as well as tours that cover as many as 12 days. We do a lot of walking and some moderate hiking. Occasionally we start our day extra early to catch the sunrise as we do on each Grand Canyon tour. Other days may run late if we have a chance to skip across the night sky looking at Saturn or the Moon through Russ’ sizable telescope. Whatever we are doing, it will consist of full days and a rich learning environment.

5. Who leads TruthSeekers Adventures Tours?

TruthSeekers Adventures Tours are led by Russ Barlow, Heidi Barlow, and several other individuals who bring their vast knowledge and expertise to bear on our tours. They include Universal Model author and founder, Dean Sessions, Joseph Smith Foundation director, author, and documentary producer, Hannah Stoddard, and Flood Museum founder and author, Dr. Robert Wright. 


7. What to expect on a tour

Each tour will have a different focus, so your adventure will be completely unique—even if you have been on the same tour previously. What you can expect are hikes through amazing places, engaging lectures about science and scripture, opportunities to ask questions of our guides, hands-on activities related to each topic area (geology, biology, Church history, etc.), lots of interaction with hosts and other guests both during lunches and along the way, including occasional mid or post-tour events like firesides or dinners together with local visitors. Our TruthSeeker guests are part of a new community and we want them to leave with lots of new friends and fellow TruthSeekers!


8. How much do TruthSeekers Adventures Tours cost?

TruthSeekers Adventure tours vary in price depending on the tour and the length of time we spend at each park, and the cost to participate in private opportunities, such as our Dinosaur or fossil excavations, museums, etc. We do our best to provide incredible value for the diversity of what we offer, but please visit our website for more information about specific tours and costs:

9. How do I book a tour with TruthSeekers Adventures Tours?

You can go directly to our website,, or you can email us at [email protected] to ask questions about specific tours and availability for the dates you are interested in!

10. Can children attend TruthSeekers Adventures Tours?

We love children and have enjoyed seeing them experience Nature in a fun and unique way! Our tours involve a lot of walking and site visits, so these excursions are better for older children who can walk or hike by themselves. If you have questions about the suitability of the tour for your children, please contact Russ or Heidi at [email protected] to coordinate a call.


The Covenant Path is a journey that every TruthSeekers should take. The beautiful scenery and the sense of community that you feel when you’re on the tour is unlike anything else. It’s a great way to learn about the creation and gods covenant in these latter days. I would highly recommend taking a Covenant Path tour if you’re ever given the chance. You won’t regret it.

Contact us any time at [email protected], or visit us at


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